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Beautiful Begginnings Day Nusery is owned by Scarisbrick Hall School, a coeducational independent school, located within Scaribrick Hall, its our belief that our commitment to our core principles set us apart.

1 Achieving better outcomes – by limiting each class to a maximum of 21 pupils teachers can differentiate according to pupils aptitudes and types of intelligence, teachers can understand how each child learns best moving each individual forward at their pace regardless of the ability of others.  Small class sizes provide teachers with an environment they can enjoy and a work load that allows them to put their best efforts into teaching.

2 A whole child approach - we provide pupils with an education today which will enable them to face the challenges of tomorrow. We believe that moral values and a positive approach to life are just as important as high academic standards.

All pupils are required to abide by a code of behaviour similar to that normally expected within a family where emphasis is given to courtesy, politeness, respect for parents and others, co-operation, tolerance, kindness, honesty and integrity.

3 Personalised approach to learningis essentially about making sure that every child is actively engaged in learning and makes significant progress – a vision which is part of the core moral purpose of the school. It involves focussing in a more structured way on each child’s learning, respecting every learner’s voice and seeing their potential to achieve.

Please feel free to contact us to find out more about these principles and how we can apply them to the education of your child or children.



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